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The Bank Wallet from Twenty8

Need a new wallet that has that edge – check out our new Bank wallet from the London Collection

Stylish design with a strong rugged look and a decidedly masculine edge. The Bank wallet from Twenty8 the perfect wallet for the fashion conscious man in a lovely dark brown leather – perfect for any occasion

4 comments on “The Bank Wallet from Twenty8

  1. I recently purchased a Twenty8 wallet from Just4Leather, which was incidentally ordered on a Tuesday morning and was delivered Wednesday morning F.O.C. which was initially impressive.
    Upon taking delivery of my new wallet, the first thing I noticed was the rich aroma of the leather. I am normally a bit of a brand snob and noticed immediately that the leather was of far better quality than many other well known brands.
    The styling of the wallet itself was classic yet functional and after doing some research on the brand, realised that this is exactly what the brand prides itself on, as well as being a third of the price of some of the well established brands. £30 as opposed to the £90 + which the well known brands often sell for.
    I would feel no shame in dipping into my wallet in one of London’s pricier department stores, to pay for an item! Or at an expensive restaurant to settle the bill!
    You even get a little dust bag displaying the company’s logo to keep your wallet in when not in use, again a novel touch not seen with other brands. I am currently looking at other items in the range in the view to making future purchases as clearly excellent quality doesn’t necessarily have to come at an extortionate price.
    Finally, as Twenty8 grows in popularity, which I am sure it will, I hope that they maintain their pricing and do not start charging an additional premium for being an established brand!

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